Brassé BBQ earns smooth points!

Sizzlin’ thighs. Hot buns. A perfect rack….to grill on. Things have really started to heat up around here – ever since the Brassé BBQ was featured in Smooth Magazine (Issue #57 September 2012).

Smooth, a bimonthly magazine, is self-described as ‘the hottest men’s magazine on the planet’ – and with good cause. They showcase all things guy-related from cars, to stars, to gadgets and tech, all topped off with a healthy helping of red-hot Smooth Girls with plenty of curves in all the right places.

Funnily enough, we didn’t even know that Smooth had featured the grill until someone contacted us and referenced the article. Obviously, we jumped at the opportunity to grab a back issue. A week later Issue #57 arrived – discreetly wrapped in brown paper – and we were happy to find the Brassé BBQ on the ‘The Hot List’, page 17. Which means a lot seeing as we’re up against such smokin’ competition.

More on the mag
Smooth Magazine is published by Sandra Vasceannie and has featured prominent figures as Trey Songz, Coco, and 50 Cent. They operate out of New York.

More on the grill
The Brassé BBQ brings the tasty goodness of outdoor grilling the condo-bound or those who don’t love the idea of cooking in 4 feet of snow come winter. It uses lava rocks heated by your gas or electric stove element to grill your meaty eats.

The BBQ comes with adjustable grill heights for cooking versatility, a grease trap, and a detachable handle.

For more details, including how to order, check out the Brasse BBQ on ideacious.


Good design (that) pays off

It’s always great to see one of our contributors showcased in a print publication — in this case, local talent William McDonald’s Stacking Lamp, featured in Canadian House & Home magazine (published by Lynda Reeves and edited by Suzanne Dimma, two of Canada’s most prominent style experts). The article, written by Kristen Koch, can be found under the ‘Style Files’ section of the nation’s top design and decorating mag on page 30.

“Buying pieces from up-and-coming designers means paying one-of-a-kind prices. Not so with William McDonald’s versatile Stacking Lamp. …the clever design lets you custom-combine its three components — lamp shades, coat hangers, and spacers — to achieve task lighting, an ambient glow, or extra storage.” The components are steel constructed and available in a variety of colours.

The Stacking Lamp was initially submitted to ideacious after Will won our sponsored award at the 2012 ACIDO Rocket Show. The lamp was then featured at the Interior Design Show (IDS) where it caught the eye of House & Home’s Senior Features Editor, Kimberley Brown.

Will’s work ranges from furniture and lighting, to wheelchairs and architectural systems. Using his strong background in mechanical and conceptual thinking he combines “minimal forms and contrasting materials together to create useful, honest, and modern products”.

Articles like this are a promising sign for the future of design. They help build exposure for a small, budding community of independent designers working with crowdfunding platforms like ideacious to create beautiful new products — and we can’t wait to see more like it!

Pre-order the Stacking Lamp and you’ll not only get the lamp but also a share of future sales. Get more details or preorder here.